Terms and conditions



Definitions of words and phrases used throughout these TERMS AND CONDITIONS are as follows:

ES REPAIRS ” – ES Appliance Repairs

Appliance” – Your Appliance(s) as described to Us in your Service Request.

Repair Price” – Callout/Labour repair amount payable by You to Us as agreed with Us in advance, either verbally, electronically or in writing. For the avoidance of doubt, please check page “prices” on this website

Diagnosis” – Information about a fault with Your Appliance provided by Us via telephone, email or at the Site Address by one of Our engineers.

We, Us, Our” – ES Appliance Repairs

You and Your” The person named during the request for an Appliance repair, or anyone acting on their behalf.

Working Day” – Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays & Public Holidays.

Parts” – Any component(s) of the domestic appliance detailed in your request for an Appliance repair that needs replacement.

Service Request” – A request made by You to Us, either verbally, in person or electronically, for the repair of a domestic appliance.


  1. Appliance Repairs

1.1 How we carry out Your Appliance repair

We aim to provide an appointment time within 2 working hours of your request, however this may take longer if We are exceptionally busy or if any of Our staff or engineers are absent or unavailable. Engineers are available between 9:00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday excluding UK Public Holidays.

You must provide free parking for the engineer with good access to Your property and Our engineers must have unrestricted access to the Appliance. If your Appliance does not have unrestricted access We reserve the right to cancel the repair. If this is necessary You will still be charged the full Repair Price.

If, after Diagnosis by Us or the engineer, We determine that part(s) are required We will discuss with You price for the parts. If you decline our offer to order the parts required we will close the job down and You will still due the full Repair Price. The parts will normally be ordered within one Working Day from the date of diagnosing the problem at Your property. We will inform You of the progress in obtaining the required part(s) and arrange a suitable date with You to repair Your Appliance. Some parts may not be easily obtained due to the Appliance type, model or age and this may cause a delay in Your Appliance’s repair.

We will make every effort to carry out repairs with care, however we cannot be held responsible for any damage to the surroundings of integrated/built-in or tightly fitted appliances

1.2 Services included in your Appliance repair

Your Appliance repair includes:

  • Callout and labour of up to 3 hours.
  • The attempted repair of the fault described to Us via email, text message or over the phone.
  • Testing of the Appliance, if the Appliance is repaired successfully.


1.3 Services not included in your repair

Your Appliance repair does not include:

  • Any parts required to fix Your Appliance.
  • Repair of any appliance designed for commercial or industrial purposes.
  • Appliances installed or situated in mobile homes or boats.
  • Repairs required as a result of negligence, misuse or poor installation.
  • Repairs required as a result of Appliances being used outside of the Manufacturer’s guidelines.
  • Repairs required as a result of Appliances being affected by flood damage.
  • Repairs to any other Appliance not specified in the Service Request.
  • Re-gassing Appliances that make Use of R134 and/or R12 gas.
  • Induction hobs with a glass or ceramic top
  • Compensation for any loss that arises as a result of an Appliance failure. This includes, but is not limited to; food spoilage, clothing damage, flood damage or any other loss sustained, including loss of time.

If We, or Our engineers, determine that any of the above exclusions apply then we will cancel the repair and You will still be charged the full Repair Price.


1.4 Quality Repair Guarantee

If the same fault with Your Appliance, as originally recorded in our Diagnosis, occurs within three months, we will correct the issue for free. For clarification; we will provide a three month guarantee on our labour, and any parts used to carry out your original Appliance repair, for the single fault originally diagnosed by us. If however a different fault to the one originally diagnosed to us is found, we will charge you a callout & labour fee. If we are able to repair the fault, we will offer to do so and you will be asked to make payment for any parts needed.


1.4.1. Our Quality Repar Guarantee does not apply if the same fault reoccurs due to:

  • Damage caused to the Appliance outside of its normal operating parameters
  • Your Use of Your Appliance otherwise than in accordance with the user instructions
  • Any tampering with, or alteration of, the Appliance by anyone other than Us
  • A fault in any other Appliance


1.5 We require payment before or on the day of the engineer’s first visit via Cash, Debit/Credit Card (incl. American Express) or BACS. Payment for any parts that are to be ordered must be paid for on the return visit. If a required part is a special order or of a large cost we may ask you to pay for the part before we can place the order.

1.6 We do our utmost to attend on the date and time agreed with you at the time of booking.However occasionally may be unable to attend to the aforementioned. Should this happen, we will offer to reschedule the appointment date and time with you. If one of our ES REPAIRS engineer (Local Engineer) is attending to your property then they may contact you directly.

1.7 We do not repair commercial appliances however we will repair domestic appliances installed in commercial premises. In such instances we do not offer a guarantee on these repairs.

1.8 If you wish ES REPAIRS to repair more than one appliance in your property each appliance will be charge at the normal repair rate.

1.9 Free parking or a valid permit to park must be provided to the engineer attending to your repair on behalf of ES REPAIRS. If this is not the case, you may be charged for parking. If you are within the London congestion or ULEZ zones, you may also be charged for these. These will be in addition to any other charges. Please refer to our charges, or contact us, for more information.

1.10 Should your appliance repair require the services of two (2) or more engineers for e.g. repairs to a tumble dryer which is stacked on top of a washing machine, additional charges may apply. This information can be provided to you upon request.

1.11 We reserve the right to refuse to install any spare parts which have not been sourced through ES REPAIRS, or a representative of ES REPAIRS. Safety of our customers, and property, is our highest priority and we may enforce this right as we are unable to guarantee the validity or history of said spare parts.

1.12 You will be charged the full Repair Price , or no refund will be issued, if:

  • We send an engineer and there is no fault found with Your Appliance;
  • You miss Your appointment and the engineer cannot gain access to the Appliance;
  • If We reasonably believe that the health and/or safety of Our engineer cannot be guaranteed whilst on site. This includes, but is not limited to; risk of injury, death, disease or infection, evidence of pests or poor sanitation, appliance tampering or evidence suggesting an electrical or plumbing fault occurring outside of the Appliance.
  • You, or anyone representing You, behaves in a threatening or abusive way towards Our employees, agents or engineers.
  • We have attended Your property in order to attempt to repair Your Appliance;

1.13 If at the time of the call out the fault is found to be as a result of misuse, neglect or poor installation or, the appliance type or fault is not as described originally we reserve the right to charge you the full RepairPrice.

1.14 If we are unable to obtain spare parts from our suppliers to repair the appliance. Then we would be unable to fix your machine under such circumstances you will still be charged the full RepairPrice.

1.15 Some repairs will require that the appliance is fully accessible (e.g. able to be moved from under a work surface without damaging the surrounding facia). If your appliance is with obstructed access – we reserve the right to abort the repair. In such instances we reserve the right to charge you the full RepairPrice.

1.16 You are expected to give as much notice as possible when cancelling repairs. If we have already attended and the repair has started you will be charged the full RepairPrice.

1.17 If we are unable to repair your product due to parts being obsolete/unobtainable or the product is simply uneconomical to repair then you will be charged the RepairPrice.



2.1 A ES REPAIRS engineer may not always attend your repair. In an instance when this happens an engineer (Local Engineer) part of the ES REPAIRS will attend. These engineers are fully vetted by us and should be treated the same as a ES REPAIRS engineer. Regardless of who attends this will not affect the labour charge or any of your terms and conditions.


  1. Delays due to factors outside our control

If We are prevented from providing services under this agreement as a result of an unusual or unforeseeable event or circumstance beyond Our reasonable control We shall not be in breach of this agreement. In such circumstances We shall be entitled to a reasonable extension of the time for performing Our obligations. Such events include, but are not limited to, war, threat of war, riot, civil disturbance or strife, terrorist activity (actual or threatened), industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, flood, major adverse weather conditions, Acts of God and failures of Our subcontractors to perform their obligations.


  1. Late Payments, Non-Payment & Debt Recovery Action

We reserve the right to terminate this agreement with immediate effect if You do not transfer the total Repair Price owed to Us within 28 days of being requested to do so.

You will make full payment of the Repair Price within 28 days of Our request for payment. If You do not make full payment of the amount due within 28 days of being requested to do so, We will add a late payment fee of £30 to Your invoice to cover Our administrative costs associated with recovering the debt.

We reserve the right to recover any amounts owed by You to Us through debt collection agencies and/or court action if any part of the Repair Price remains unpaid after a period of 28 days from the date of our first request for payment.

You shall be liable for all administrative, legal and/or debt recovery costs incurred by Us as a result of non-payment of the Repair Price, or any part thereof


  1. How to contact us or complain

5.1 At first instance please call us and we’ll always try to resolve your complaints as quickly as possible. Failing this we would like everything in writing so please email us on [email protected]


  1. Use of the ES REPAIRS website (www.esrepairs.co.uk)

6.1 ES REPAIRS trading as ES REPAIRS. Copyright Notice © 2021 all copyright and other intellectual property rights in any material contained in this web site are owned by ES REPAIRS. The web site contains trademarks, including the ES REPAIRS name and logo which belongs to ES REPAIRS.

6.2 You may:

6.2.1 Access any part of the web site

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6.3 You may not:

6.3.1 Copy (by printing off onto paper, storing on disc or in any other way), distribute (including distributed copies), alter or tamper with in any way or otherwise use any material contained in the web site except as specifically permitted above.

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  • 6.4 Link to external web sites, documents, or any other electronic files.

6.4.1 The ES REPAIRS web site includes links to external web sites. These links are provided to help you find additional information quickly and easily. ES REPAIRS accepts no responsibility for the content of these web sites.


  1. General Disclaimer

7.1 ES REPAIRS has done its best to ensure the accuracy and currency of the material contained in this web site but makes no express or implied warranties or representations about any of the content of this web site. ES REPAIRS accepts no responsibility for loss or damage which may arise from reliance on information or advice contained in this web site and shall not be liable for any typographical or other errors or emissions within the material contained in this web site.


  1. Amending these TERMS AND CONDITIONS

8.1 We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time and without notice. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read these terms each time you place a booking. By placing a booking you are indicating your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.


  1. Data Protection

9.1 ES REPAIRS and its third parties will use your information (which you or others have given to us) to provide you with any request service(s) and for administration (this could include recovery of any monies owing), marketing (by us or the companies we work with), marketing research, regulatory reporting, customer surveys, analytics and testing purposes, and to check and verify your identity. We may also share your information with other companies part of the ES REPAIRS group of businesses or third parties acting on our behalf.

9.2 We (including other companies part of the ES REPAIRS group of businesses or third parties we work with) may use your information to tell you about any offers, products or services which may be of interest to you.

You may be contacted by mobile or email.

9.3 You may request a copy of your data.